Practising Pilates prior to, throughout and after your pregnancy, is not only a fantastic avenue to keeping yourself and your baby healthy, but also provides some often needed ‘switch off’ time from the sometimes overwhelming world of creating life. You can be confident that all of your Teachers at Pilatestry’s Studios are comprehensively educated in both Pre and Post Natal Pilates training, and will keep you moving in the safest and effective way. With this in mind, we would like you to consider these few points as your pregnancy progresses.

How Will Your Practice Change

As you progress throughout your pregnancy, your Teachers will provide throughout class little ‘individual series’ or differentiation, during your pregnancy. With the muscular and hormonal changes in your body, there are some things your teachers will cease, or change within a series. These may include abdominal exercises, challenging standing or balance work and the use of props. It is important to make these changes on board to keep your body and baby safe.

Choosing a Class for You

To ensure we can serve you most effectively, please note our class restrictions throughout your trimesters.

Trimester One (up to 12 weeks) – All classes are available to attend, relative to your experience and fitness levels prior to falling pregnant.

Trimester Two (13 – 28 weeks) – Inspire, Evolve and Stretch Classes are encouraged and safe. Challenge, Barré Balance and Cardio X-Press Classes are no longer permitted from your second trimester.

Trimester Three (29 – Birth) – Inspire and Stretch Classes will best suit your needs as you reach the end of your pregnancy.

Returning to Pilates

Following the birth of your baby, you may be eager to return to classes as soon as possible. For normal vaginal delivery, clients can return from 6 weeks with the clearance of their GP or OBGYN. Clients who delivered via C-Section or had complications with their birth can return after 8-10 weeks as advised by their GP or OBGYN. Please ensure you chat to your teachers prior to the start of the class generally about your delivery and how you’ve been feeling, as often muscle differences and hormonal changes are still ongoing within the body.