Pilatestry Studio Policies

  • All classes are pre-paid and pre-scheduled.
  • All expiry dates are final. Extension to expiry dates will not be given.
  • Packages purchased expiry from date of purchase (FDOP) unless otherwise stated.
  • This is your time to shine and give back to yourself, please leave all children at home.
  • Teachers and classes are subject to change; please check the Class Schedule page for updates.
  • Alternatively check the Class Schedule via the free Pilatestry Studios mobile app.
  • All classes are pre purchased and booked online. You must schedule your class online before turning up – failure to do so may result in not being able to attend class.
  • All classes have a 24-hour cancellation policy. No exceptions. Cancelling or non-attendance to your class simply means you forfeit your class. We do not charge you an extra fee for not attending.
  • In the event that you are unable to attend your scheduled class, we are able to switch you to another class on the same day providing availability to the class. Please email your request to office@pilatestrystudios.com.au With a minimum of 1 hours prior notice to your scheduled class and we will confirm via email of the change. (please note text messages, voice mails will not be accepted for class changes. E-mails with less than ones hours notice will not be accepted)
  • Am I able to offer my spot to a family member or friend. As part of our insurance and studio safety, only clients successfully registered and listed on the teachers class list, are able to participate in class. Unfortunately this means places cannot be ‘given or swapped’ to a friend? or family member in lieu of your position. This also ensures fairness to other clients who have joined a waitlist, or are unable to attend class due to all the positions being fully booked
  • All classes and packages are non-transferable between family members and friends.
  • All sales are final
    • All personal belongs must fit in a single bag placed in the cubbies. No personal belongings permitted near the equipment.
    • Please arrive 5 minutes before your class; checkin with our QR code and clean the equipment as instructed.
    • Late arrivals are unable join class, please plan your arrival time.

No children allowed unsupervised in waiting areas.


  • Trimester 1: All classes available
  • Trimester 2: Inspire/Evolve classes
  • Trimester 3: Inspire class only
  • Cardio and Barré classes: May be attended up until 12 weeks.


A post-natal medical certificate must be provided before to us prior to your first class back (minimum 6 weeks postnatal) stating that your are able to return to your Pilates practise. Please email your certificate to office@pilatestrystudios.com.au prior to your scheduled class so that we can confirm details.