Pilatestry Studios Classes

Pilatestry Studios classes are carefully designed to offer a range of intensity. Built with progressions to exercises and pace, each level of your Pilates progression can be staged, so you will be able to select a class that best suits your own individual needs according to your level of Pilates practise.

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Inspire Class Inspire is a class designed to inspire you with the fundamentals of reformer Pilates whilst utilising all available apparatus at Pilatestry Studios.

Inspire – Fundamental Class

Designed with and around the fundamentals of Pilates, Pilatestry Studios Inspire class will work your entire body whilst introducing the equipment, apparatus and fundamentals used in every class.

Pilatestry Studios’ Inspire class is ideal for those who are new to Pilates, recovering lost fitness, pregnant or have minor injuries. – Inspire classes will do exactly that, providing confidence in your bodies abilites to move and strengthen from the inside out.

Evolve Class Pilatestry Studios’ Evolve class is designed to strengthen your inspired foundations of your Pilates practise, giving you a deeper understanding of Pilates’ principles whilst utilising all Pilatestry Studios apparatus.

 Evolve – Intermediate Class

Building from the foundations, Pilatestry Studios’ Evolve classes allow for a deeper understanding of both Pilates principles and mind body connections.

Introducing stamina and intermediate exercises to classes, the focus of strength and ‘evolving’ the body for a comprehensive, inculsive detailed whole body workout.  Setting your body up for success Pilatestry Studios Evolve class is where progressions meet you.

Challenge Class Pilatestry Studios’ Challenge classes are designed to ‘challenge’ your Pilates practise as well as challenge your mind. Combining advanced movement with small apparatus and fluid transitions, your trained instructor will have you feeling ‘the burn’ in all the right places.

Challenge – Advance Class

Pilatestry Studios’ Challenge classes are designed to ‘challenge’ your Pilates practise. Feeling the ignition of your body and mind through advanced exercises, full body movement and fluidity of class, our challenge class will leave you feeling invincible!

Setting your body up for success Pilatestry Studios Challenge class is ideal for those Injury free and ready to evolve in their Pilates practice with Pilatesrty Studios.

Cardio X-Press Class Get ready to glisten! With Pilatestry Studios’ Cardio X-press classes you can expect to sweat, smile and sing, as you horizontally jump your way to a healthier you.

Cardio X-Press – Intermediate Class

Get ready to glisten! With Pilatestry Studios’ Cardio X-press classes you can expect to sweat, smile and sing, as you horizontally jump your way to a healthier you.

With the jump board replacing the foot bar on the reformer, this is an amazing way to increase your heart rate with a non-invasive pressure to your joints. Pilatestry Studios’ Cardio X-press class is ideal for those wanting to take their cardio to a new level whilst keeping their Pilates practise strong.

Barre Balance X-Press Class

Barre X-Press – Intermediate Class

Barre Balance X-Press is designed to leave you shaking in the best kind of way. In this class we incorporate the rotational disc and all other Pilatestry Studios equipment to help strengthen the rotational patterns and create stability throughout your entire body.

Increasing balance to help support functional movement for your daily life whilst getting a quad-quivering, tush-tightening and tummy-toning results.

Stretch & Strengthen Class Lengthen and strengthen the whole body with our Stretch and Strengthen Class!

Stretch & Strengthen Class

Stretch the body and strengthen the mind! Quieting the mood and focusing on being present in your space. Pilatestry Studios’ Stretch & Strengthen class will provide deep toasty stretches  accross the whole body.

Suitable for all bodies and tightness alike. Your body will gain the recovery and movement stretches it craves, your mind the peace and tranquility it deserves. Relaxing, releasing and rejuventating Stretch and Strengthen is all about the ‘Ahh’s’.