Pilatestry Studios teachers

Passion, inclusion, community and some good old fashion ‘dad jokes’ – our teachers at Pilatestry Studios pride themselves on ensuring that you always receive the most beneficial class for YOUR body. Our nurtured approach to Pilates stems from a variety of education paths prioritising movement that makes the body feel good. You can be sure that not only is your class making you stretch and burn in all the right places, but for every movement, exercise or cue given – intentional thought from your teachers is leading the way! By understanding the bodies of our community and layering in our studio ethos, you can be sure our teachers will transport your experience at Pilatestry Studios to another level.

At Pilatestry Studios we acknowledge people as people, good days, bad days and any day in between your experience with our teachers will provide insight not only to the practice of Pilates but also your body and movement as a whole.

With continual training and education our nurturing teachers, stemming from diverse backgrounds of comprehensive diplomas of movement therapy, will always transport your experience at Pilatestry Studios to another level. In a supportive environment bringing to you what your body needs on any given day with many laughs along the way.